The organizational change readiness assessment is a tool created by TSI to help organizations determine their readiness for change. This tool is a great first step as part of a broader 365betAPP首页变革管理 (OCM) approach and helps to quickly and simply determine an organization’s readiness for change and project success.

People engaging in an 365betAPP首页变更准备评估.


Organizations that desire to implement significant change will only succeed if they have an environment that is suitable for such change. In consulting speak, we call this “Organizational Change Readiness”. 在转换解决方案, we detail out specific strategies and needs to help organizations realize change. Part of that equation builds upon the very level of readiness of that organization to undergo necessary initiatives and work to successfully achieve change. With decades of experience working closely to drive change initiatives, TSI works with organizations to customize services based on their change readiness and overall change needs.


得益于365平台APP下载的教育, research and many successful change-oriented projects shaping our experience, TSI supports the belief that change can happen in an environment suitable and ready for change. 事实上, we have developed a set of simplified criteria that we often use with our clients to help assess how ready an organization is to embark on an initiative for process improvement, 重新设计, 再造, 和/或365betAPP首页变革.

This 365betAPP首页变更准备评估 tool can be used in several ways, including evaluating the perspective of several individuals (especially at various levels and positions) in your organization, 测量随时间变化的准备情况, as well as measuring risk before exerting the effort and resources on a large change/process improvement initiative. 一旦评估完成, TSI works with organizations to review the outcome and develop a customized approach and plan for change.


为了评估变更的准备情况,TSI使用365betAPP首页 改变准备评估.



Rank your organization on a scale from 1-10 (10 = highest possible) in each of the following categories defined below. Giving a score of “10” means your organization meets or exceeds the description ALL of the time. A score of “1” means your organization is on the complete opposite end of the spectrum, 从不表现出这些特征.

一旦你填好了排名, you can see your score by clicking on the Calculate Your Score button below. 这也将显示你的分数的意义. 一旦你收到你的分数, reach out to us at TSI to allow us to help you understand strategies or approaches towards sustainable and meaningful change.


The organization is led by an executive who strongly and publicly supports the change initiative. The executive must be actively engaged with the change initiative in setting its direction, 提供视觉, co-creating recommendations and continually supporting the deployment of those recommendations.



The organization is adequately staffed and skilled to pursue a change initiative project from its initial planning stage through implementation. Full time (or close to it) resources are deployed on the project and other responsibilities take a “back seat” for those individuals. Team has the proper training, skills and grit to take on this (or these) initiatives.



The organization has an inherent tendency (perhaps even a culture of improvement) to examine and improve itself. The Project Team is constructively critical of the problem area and regardless of its training in process improvement or organizational development, instinctively knows that it should be operating in a significantly better way. The organization also has had success implementing significant process improvement/change initiatives within the last several years.



The change initiative project has a relatively “crystal” clear vision of where it would like to end up that is shared throughout the project team. This vision should define how it would like to function in their “new” environment.



Since change requires resources and at times additional capital, the organization must have adequate resources to staff the project and implement the short and long-term recommendations. 这可以通过直接提供所有资源来实现, sharing resources from other groups/departments or employing the use of contractors/consultants.



持续的变化需要在多个层次上保持一致. 在最高的层次上, alignment is required between the overall strategy the organization is pursuing (e.g., 相对于竞争对手, within their industry…) and how this change initiative enables the pursuit of this direction tactically. 其次, alignment needs to exist between the goals and objectives of the project and the individuals, 项目价值, 在整个365betAPP首页中.


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